Discover Hidden Gems Down Under

Joannabelle had the best time of her life; so should you! Satisfy your hunger to discover the underwater playground with our Fun Boat Snorkelling and Island Visit tour! Everyone can join in the fun regardless if you’re a non-swimmer. Thinking of going deeper? Discover Scuba Diving tour introduces you to the thrill of scuba diving down under the deep blue sea! If you’re a certified diver and planning for a good session of scuba diving, let Seatango take you on a Scuba Diving Adventure tour ! A jolly good time is guaranteed!

Fun Boat Snorkeling & Island Visit

Boat Snorkel along Tunku Abdul Rahman Coral Reef and island visit...

scuba Diving Adventure

Boat Dives along Tunku Abdul Rahman coral reef and island visit...

Discover Scuba Dive

The best choice for the first-timer is an Introductory Dive, also known as a "Discover Dive"...

Nothing compares to weightless exhilaration

Why Seatango

Everything is more fun when you’re exploring the underwater world with a jolly bunch of people! Our friendly and experienced PADI dive crew always finds ways to crack you up...

Why go Scuba Diving

For some, the allure of scuba diving lies in the opportunity to discover the beauty of the reef and the marine life that inhabits it. For others, it's the thrill of exploring...

Diving in Sabah

With 300 islands and many more dive sites (some are still waiting to be explored), Sabah offers a smorgasbord of enchanting scuba diving experience for both the novice and the...


Thank you for the awesome experience!

My friends and I recently attended a diving course with SeaTango. I would like to assure Amazing Borne and SeaTango that we had an enjoyable time with the tour guide on land and diving instructor and boat crews out in the sea. The amiable attitude your staff have exhibited truly made our trip comfortable and enjoyable. Notably, our first Tour Guide, Mr Tan, gave us a brief history of KK and recommended us a few places to dine in. He is commendable for his intellectual and professionalism.

Our diving instructor, Lester B Julis, was truly remarkable for his professionalism and hospitality. He made diving fun and safe, and was very patience in his teachings. In addition, he exhibits the highest commitment in ensuring we have a safe and enjoyable dive which is essential in the diving industry.

Thank you for the awesome experience :)

Edwin Foo